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Read the title again, and think ………


What bullshit excuse are you choosing to believe right now?

What’s holding you back?

What’s the obstacle?

What’s your fear?

(write that shit down)



Fear is just a thought my friend, so what would happen if you didn’t

Believe that thought?

What if you wasn’t afraid of failure?

What if you knew failure would lead to success,



Excitement and POWER!

That thought of fear would soon disappear!


So my friend why are you still choosing to give into that fear?

Is the misery of being overweight more comfortable?

The answer is NO!


Now I totally get it,

Getting started is the hardest part sometimes but with all my clients,

We label the fear, we work out what the obstacles are, and we set out

A plan to overcome those obstacles, in pursuit of the goal!

I’m like a bloody mother goose through the first 4wks also,

Checking up on them constantly, giving advice, support and

Removing that FEAR!


Guess what though broski?

If we do fail, we fail together, I’ll pick you up, dust you down,

LEARN from the experience, and keep moving forward!


Are your ready to run with me?

Do you want guaranteed RESULTS and unbelievable support?