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For me Sunday is a great time to reflect on the week and it just so happens I’m not hung over today, so I’m feeling pretty tip top 😉

Anyway, let’s talk about you ……

So what did you set out to achieve this week?

Did you achieve it?

If so, well done, but if you didn’t ……..

What did you learn?

Because remember, there is always a lesson to be learn’t so don’t beat yourself up with:

“Ah I should have done this and that!”

“I’ve wasted another week!”

And any other negative shit!


Now stop what you’re doing right, and either take a mental note or actually write it down, and label 3 things you have achieved this week because I promise you your week hasn’t been as bad as you think.

Here’s mine to give you a little help:

1) completed my books for my accountant (big relief)
2) got all my training sessions in even though I haven’t felt 100% this week
3) Tracked my macros for 6 days and dropped weight.

BOOM! Progress!


On the flip side to this you can then write down 3 things you want to achieve next week, and then repeat this reflection process!

^^ Big game changer ^^