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Poor old Newcastle United got relegated last night from the premiership but did you know this?

This year they were the 2nd biggest spender in the Premiership and they actually spent 75 million!

But who did they spend it on? I honestly couldn’t tell you, but I can tell you this:


Investing your money in lots of cheap products will not give you the result you’re after!


This is what Newcastle obviously did! They bought loads of new players, that weren’t world class in hope for world class results, where if they’d spent that money on maybe 1 or 2 players that were world class, that would have given them the results, then the end product would have most likely been slightly different!

It’s abit like trying to fill a cup with loads of small stones, when 2 large rocks will always do a better job!


So my friend, where are you pissing your money away at the moment?

Are you currently going through the latest Insanity workout, whilst you drink your juice plus, before you attend your slimming world meeting tonight?

Have you ever thought about investing your money into just one pot?

A pot that could deliver you sustainable RESULTS?


What happens when the Insanity DVD ends? What happens next? Is there any support?

The answer is no, but you do get a real shit I mean lovely T-shirt!


What happens when the Juice Plus runs out and you re-introduce real food, and what happens when the Slimming World rep closes down your group because she/he actually only cares about making some money, and not actually helping people!

Corrrrrr, I’ve gone off on a rant there! 😉

But I’m spitting nothing but the truth!