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The Secrets To Dropping Body Fat And Increasing Your Gym Strength.

Without Any Restrictive Or Boring Diets In Sight


But first, I want to take a minute to tell you about a client of mine. 

This client was struggling to drop body fat and gain strength in the gym. They’d tried everything: 

  • HIIT
  • 2-hour gym sessions
  • Training 6 days a week
  • Hours of gruelling cardio 
  • Low carb diet 
  • Fat loss supplements 

And despite all their hard work, their efforts, and the amount of reading they’d done on the subject, they just could not see results.

You could say they were at their wit’s end. 

Tired, exhausted, angry and feeling like improving their strength and physique just wasn’t going to happen

I’m sure you know the feeling.

You’ve tried using generic apps or following Youtube training programmes and get nowhere! 

This leads you to the question: 

“How does everyone else seem to make this so easy?”

But listen up, because I’m here to tell you something very important:

It’s not your fault.

See, the fitness industry is lying to you and telling you things that not only fail to get you results but could actually be harming your progress.

3 reasons why HIIT isn’t great for burning fat and increasing your strength. 

  1. There is no such thing as a fat-burning workout and did you know? – We can actually burn more calories on a daily basis away from the training window.
  2. In order to burn body fat we need to create a calorie deficit which in most cases means, we need to look at our nutrition. So unless you eat less, that fat burning HIIT session will not help towards burning body fat. 
  3. To improve or increase strength we need to see training volume increase (sets x reps x weight) but HIIT training will slow this down due to the intense nature and lack of resting. Compare this to a slightly longer training session with structured rest periods, well, this approach will see quicker and improved strength gains. 

So if all these ‘traditional methods’ don’t work, then what DOES?

You’re in luck.

By stumbling across this page, and reading what I’m about to reveal, you’re about to put yourself at a huge advantage.

Let me introduce you to …

The 12 Week Strength & Fat Loss Programme

[It Does What It Says On The Tin] 

With the 12 week strength & fat loss programme you can expect: 

  • Add a minimum of 15kg onto your squat, bench and deadlift, and skyrocket your overall strength, from only training 3 days a week for 60 minutes at a time. 
  • Get more free time back to do the things you really enjoy doing, rather than spending all your time at the gym.
  • Finally feel confident in your clothes (or naked) and lose that unwanted body fat, whilst following a non-restrictive approach to nutrition. 
  • Lose a minimum of 10lbs of body weight and keep it off for good whilst still being able to eat out at your favourite restaurants. 
  • Elite level coaching at my fully private gym based just outside Haverhill (Suffolk). 
  • Remote (online) coaching will allow you full freedom to train with me from anywhere around the world.
  • 100% daily/weekly support to ask me any questions. 
  • Weekly check-ins to increase your accountability and guarantee that you keep moving forwards towards your goals. 
  • Exclusive access to the LNP Coaching training app which includes detailed strength building programmes and videos. 
  • Weekly exercise analysis where you can upload videos of yourself into the training app for me to critique and give you video feedback on technique (confidence booster).
  • Access to the private LNP Coaching Facebook group, plus weekly educational videos to increase your learning. 
  • Elite level mindset coaching to help you build mental resilience and combat the stresses of life.


  • LNP Coaching merchandise 
  • 4 LNP Coaching recipe books that scan straight into MyFitnessPal for added convenience.
  • Gordon Ramsey’s new 10-minute meals cookbook (100 recipes) – He’s a better chef than me, LOL! 
  • 90-day battle plan workbook to map out your goals 
  • Mindset journal 

Why The 12 Week S&F Programme Is Not Like Any Other Fat Loss Programme Out There.

  • It’s not a get lean quick programme. If you’re after that, this programme isn’t for you. 
  • You’ll discover lifelong approaches and strategies that’ll help you maintain low but healthy body fat. 
  • Discover a repeatable training system that’ll continue to develop your physique and strength. 
  • Work with a coach (personal trainer) who has over 10 years of experience and has helped 100’s of clients achieve their goals. 
  • Learn from all my mistakes with regards to nutrition and training, so you don’t have to. 

“Where do I sign up?” 

Click HERE and then I’ll be in touch my friend.

Speak soon, 


Ps. still on the fence? How about this… I know we haven’t spoken about the price of my coaching but the programme has a 100% money-back guarantee. 

In the incredibly unlikely situation that you’re not completely happy, I’ll refund every penny you pay.

So you literally have nothing to lose..

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