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Stacy Garner

After breaking my leg playing rugby, I sat around doing nothing and put a fair bit of weight on. 2yrs doing nothing blaming my leg for not being able to do anything a friend asked me to do a spartan race.

I was going down the gym every now and again but never stuck to it, got bored of just running on a treadmill and thinking why am I not losing weight??

I was doing Ryan’s circuits and loved the positivity that came from his classes, then just decided to have a ‘few’ sessions with him, so signed up for what I thought would be just 12 weeks . Within the first week I saw the weight come off and the strength go up and was buzzing every time I finished with him. We laugh, I shout I swear but feel great! Since June 2015 to Dec 2015 I lost 8kilos 2 inches off waist and hips! And all I was looking to do was drop a dress size! I dropped 2!!

I have now taken part in 3 OCRs cutting my time down and ready for the new year planning on doing 1 a month.

So thanks Ryan bring on 2016!