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Siobhan Dockerill

I started with Ryan in December to 2013 with my main goal to improve my strength to help with my running. Since my first training session with Ryan I can honestly say it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. It is clear when I attend my sessions with Ryan that each one has been carefully thought out, taking everything into consideration, any upcoming races, any injuries etc…each session has a clear goal and I always have the confidence in Ryan that what we are doing is right and the results and benefits are showing from this. It is clear from my progress photos how my physique has changed, but even more so how by how I feel. I feel fitter, toned and considerably stronger. My running is also going from strength to strength. Through putting my trust in Ryan and working hard all of my goals are being achieved. Ryan is always happy to give continuous advice with my training, running and nutrition. Ryan is a very supportive personal trainer and gives his undivided time and attention at every single session. If I ever have points of doubt or struggle, he always manages to pull me through them, whether it be mentally or physically.

Ryan is constantly up to date with the latest training techniques, mobility moves and stretching and I can’t recommend him as a personal trainer highly enough!