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Richard Beavis

Really needing a kick start as my daughter is getting married i Decided to try BOSS FIT as I had seen it on  FB to lose weight and also help a few old injuries loosen up on my first visit I was greeted by Ryan and introduced to the other victims 😂😂who were training as well we all had the same programs which Ryan talked us through with quiet a lot of key points and helpful instructions which for myself having not been to a gym ever and not trained for over 30 years !!the first session was early morning and when it finished I remember thinking that weren’t too bad until about 2 hours later I could barely move my legs then the penny dropped and I realised how unfit I was😡😡But as the weeks went by and with a lot of support from the BOSS FIT boys and Ryan’s reassurance I started to lose weight change shape a little and feel better in myself in 90days so I can honestly recommend this group to any like minded men 👍

– Richard Beavis


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May 1, 2019