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Rachel Spittle

Rachel’s testimonial:

Before I started following Ryan’s nutrition system and training with him 3 times a week, I ate everything and anything I wanted with no exercise and no regard for the weight I was putting on. I was tired all the time, out of breath and so uncomfortable in my own skin. There came a point when I looked in the mirror, realised I was out of control, and wanted to do something to change my lifestyle, lose weight and feel good about my body. At the beginning of the programme, I found it difficult; mainly because I hadn’t done any exercise in well over 4 years. However, week by week I became more confident thanks to Ryan’s positive coaching style and believe it or not I actually look forward to going each week. There have been times during training where I have thought that I wasn’t capable of something and Ryan has gently encouraged me. With every self doubt I have had, Ryan has had full faith and because of this I have achieved what I thought was impossible. I am in absolute shock at how much my weight, body shape and confidence has changed over the last 12 weeks. I’m so glad I started with Ryan and couldn’t recommend him more. He is professional, highly knowledgeable, friendly and encouraging. He truly knows his stuff.


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May 1, 2019