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Kirsty Slade

“I started training with Ryan in March after seeing one of his eight-week online training programs on Instagram.
I’d had an injury earlier in the year which had prevented me from running, and without gym classes to attend, I was a bit stuck and wanted guidance. Even when I attended gym classes, I found them limiting and not always appropriate for me, and I’d never had the confidence or knowledge to train effectively in the gym alone.
I had followed Ryan for a few months and liked his posts and general attitude towards health and fitness, and I’d seen the progress his other clients had made, so I signed myself up!
Ryan immediately gave me all the tools I needed to start training, building workouts around the equipment I already had at home. Each exercise was explained and had demonstrations so I felt confident in performing them, and have really surprised myself at what I can do! Ryan always gives feedback after my session and is always readily available whenever I have a question.
He’s given me nutritional guidance and goals and explained why these were so important. I had always assumed I could just drop calories to get the physic I wanted, but Ryan has shown me how to fuel my body so I get the results I want without feeling tired and restricted.
He also helps me focus on a healthy mindset in day-to-day life, showing me how to set goals and find positives in each day. This wasn’t at all expected but has been so helpful to me. He really is focused on all aspects of health: physical and mental, which is such a unique asset to him as a personal trainer.
I am really pleased with my results so far! I have gained muscle everywhere on my body and have lost the ‘wobble’ that had snuck on and I feel so much better in my clothes. My confidence has grown massively along with my knowledge, which was a big goal for me, and I am continuing to surprise myself with the progression in my training.
Even though my eight-week program has finished, I am happy to say I am continuing my training with Ryan I have had a small taste of everything he can offer, and I know he will continue to push me to reach my goals, whilst supporting me every step of the way.”

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May 11, 2021