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Jodie Booth

I’ve been training as part of Ryan’s Bod-Squad for just over a year. I work full time and am studying for an additional qualification, so training 3x45min a week fits in with my busy schedule…and it works! As part of the training program, you have access to Ryan’s nutrition system which is easy to follow and has a good variety of recipes. Ryan is also on hand to help out with nutritional advice.
Training as part of a small group brings the benefit of Ryan’s PT expertise, so you learn how to train safely and effectively. It also brings accountability, support, fun and friendship. The camaraderie within the group is a real motivator. There are times where I don’t feel like training but Ryan and the girls are always there to help motivate me.
I highly recommend the Bod-Squad training program, it takes effort and commitment but you’ll have fun along the way and reap the rewards by losing body fat, getting stronger and more confident and looking fab!


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May 1, 2019