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Andy Bush

Being older in my body than in my mind!! I have struggled to find the balance of time and results training independently. Like everyone you think joining a Gym will instantly make you feel better. I’ve been a member of several Gyms over the last 7 years and actually achieved nothing other than waste money. I have been in a LNP program for nearly a year now and its now part of my life style and general wellbeing, honestly not sure where I would be without this.

I  have quickly learnt the only way you fail in your goals is because of yourself. Took me 6 months to really take things seriously and then started to focus, see and appreciate the results. Feel better in and about myself, and more conscious of all those negative cravings and demons!!

Always a very focused session ,with sharp and to the point high quality training. Pushing you far further than you ever would on your own. The nutrition system also works but you have to again take it seriously to achieve the results; which this far in are now rewarding.

You never seem to be able to disappoint Ryan only yourself, for not sticking with the plan or staying focused. But that said I have never been pressured but always supported and guided. Im in for the long term as a busy person determined to better myself physically and mentally. Thanks Ryan



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November 2, 2018