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Amy James

Testimonial – Ryan Holder SNS group training
My reasons for joining the SNS ladies group training were to lose body fat and build some lean muscle, to gain knowledge and confidence in the gym (especially with lifting weights) and to improve my physical and mental health. I can honestly say after 16 weeks of training with Ryan and a lovely team of ladies I have achieved all of these things to a higher level than I ever expected and more besides. Group training offers support, encouragement and comradery whilst Ryan teaches perfect technique with all lifting and exercises performed, pushes you to improve week on week so you quickly gain strength and offers constant support on the food side of the programme whether it’s ideas for meal plans, advice on how to maintain your calories whilst hitting your macros or hints and tips that allow you to still enjoy life with flexible dieting. I thoroughly enjoyed the weeks of training and have no confidence issues in the gym at all now. I achieved my goal of keeping my weight the same but losing several inches and re-sculpting/toning my body all over by shedding body fat and building lean muscle. I haven’t felt this good in years so I would highly recommend Ryan’s SNS training.