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One to One Coaching

From one to one coaching you can expect to receive the highest level of coaching. With over 9 years of experience coaching a variety of clients, I’m more than confident that I can help you improve your physique, gain strength, and improve your health (mentally/physically). 


  • A personalised training plan will be designed to suit your goal and your lifestyle.
  • Learn how to train effectively and be monitored by an expert (me), in a fully equipped private gym.
  • Full programme design, including sessions away from the 1:1 session.
  • Exercise video’s provided.
  • Weekly video/exercise critique from your own sessions. 


  • Personalised nutrition plan with calories and macro’s all calculated.
  • Access to the LNP Coaching nutrition system that will quite literally remove any confusion you have towards nutrition.
  • Supplement advice on what works and what doesn’t (money saver).
  • FREE post workout smoothie after every session


  • Weekly updates via email/txt on training performance, body weight, nutrition or any struggles/questions.
  • Record all your progress and data via your own google drive file.
  • Private WhatsApp group for support and direct access to me.
  • FREE LNP Coaching gift at the end of each 12 week challenge.


  • Learn a specific daily routine to improve your ability to deal with stress.
  • How to remove anxiety, self doubt, panic and overwhelm.
  • Discover how I deal with depression/anxiety from using my proven FMF method.
  • Find out how to turn any bad day into a good day (winners mindset).


* You’ll also receive exclusive discount codes for LNP Coaching seminars, sport massage, beauty treatments, supplements, restaurants and hotel stays.

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