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Have you ever had a bad session? Of course you have, we all have them!

Was you annoyed for hours after though?

“I wanted to progress! Why didn’t I?”


In these type of situations we can also easily get lost/frustrated, so it’s very important to pause and ask ourselves these 4 things below before we let emotions/thoughts get the better of us:

– What?
– Why?
– Lesson?
– Apply?

Example below:

So for me, what happened?

– I had a crap session.

Why did I have a crap session?

– Well I got to bed late, didn’t sleep great and I felt abit sniffly in the morning.

What’s the lesson?

– I should have analysed my mood and energy levels better.

How can I apply this?

– If my warm up sets feel sticky and I just don’t feel right I need to take a de-load session and keep everything around 70% effort.


So there you have it my friend!

Everyday is a school day 😉 and there’s no such thing as a bad session!