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So most of us are now thinking about tightening up for the summer!

Time to get beach bod ready, so to speak!

So this means one thing homy. The old calories have got to start dropping!

This is then where those sweet cravings will start to occur more frequently, but I have a few cheeky tips up my sleeve for ya!

Now, let’s get one thing straight! Dieting down is hard, there’s no way about and it’s more a mental challenge.

You will want to eat ice cream, chocolate etc but whats going to make you happier?

Chocolate or a lower body fat (leaner physique)?

Below are my top 5 tips on what to do when you get sweet cravings, and how to ultimately avoid stuffing your face full of doughnuts.

1 – chew gum.
2 – clean your teeth.
3 – drink a herbal tea.
4 – consume a 10 calorie jelly (better than a 300cal doughnut).
5 – go for a walk.


Every single one of these will work, I promise you!