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So you may have seen/heard on the news recently that studies now suggest that we should be consuming 10 different fruits/veggies a day to hep combat heart disease, cancer etc.

Well spank my arse and call me Shirley!

I’ve been saying this for years and it’s a no brainer when you think about it because the more variety we have, the more nutrients we will consume.

Still though, many people struggle to hit 5 a day so below I’m going to show you how easy it is to hit your 10 a day.


Tip 1: Get a smoothie down ya!

You can easily pack 3 different types of nutrients into a smoothie.

Try this one:

– 25g vanilla whey protein.
– 300ml almond milk.
– 40g frozen banana.
– 20g frozen blueberries.
– 20g frozen avocado

Tip 2: Consume powdered greens.

These little bad boys are rammed full of different veggies/fruit but you obviously only get small doses, but still ….. You’ll be getting the needed variety and your gut health will improve.

Here’s the one I use – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Green-Superfood-Chocolate-Powder-Supply/dp/B00112EUPM/ref=sr_1_4_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1488390029&sr=8-4&keywords=amazing+grass

Tip 3: Buy frozen veggies.

All supermarkets will stock these and you’ll know the ones I’m on about. They’re the frozen veg packs that contain broccoli, peas and sweetcorn (this is just one example).

Chuck them into a steamer and your fanny’s your aunt.

So simple!

Tip 4: Stir fry packs are a winner.

People sat stir fry’s are boring, well I’m going to say those people probably don’t know how to make a decent stir fry.

Like above all supermarkets will sell a stir fry pack that will have 3-4 (atleast) different veggies in it. If you then add some garlic or ginger to the equation you then have 4-5 different sources of nutrients …… Wallop!

Tip 5:  Buy a vegan cook book (even if you’re not vegan).

All of the recipes will be vegetable based, so if you’re a meat lover, quite simply add your chosen meat to the recipe.

Jesus I’m clever 😉


So there you have it my friend,

I hope the above helps.