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Group Vibe, Lots Of Laughs & Amazing Results!

This is what you can expect when you join my famous BOSS-Fit, male only, group training programme.


So What’s Included?

  • 8 weeks (16 sessions) of coaching with me whilst being involved with other like minded men.
  • Exclusive access to LNP Coaching HQ (highly equipped private gym/studio).
  • A personalised nutrition plan that will assist you towards your goal whilst ensuring simplicity, and especially when eating out or with your family.
  • 90 LNP Coaching recipes that’ll show you how it is possible to enjoy your food and still achieve RESULTS!
  • Receive a FREE post workout protein smoothie after every session, that’ll aid towards your recovery.
  • A private WhatsApp group for support and direct access to me.
  • Weekly educational content via the private LNP Coaching Facebook group.
  • Weekly accountability checkins to help keep you motivated and monitor progress.
  • Discover my proven BOSS-4 formula that’ll improve all areas of your life.
  • Exclusive discount codes for LNP Coaching seminars, sports massage, beauty treatments, supplements and restaurants.
  • FREE training T-shirt and rewards for progress.


But don’t just take my word for it ….

Charlie’s testimonial:

“I was looking for a way to shift some weight and get some confidence back in myself . I had seen some of Ryan’s clients transformations and seen some fantastic results and I wanted the same. I was reluctant to join up at first as I wasn’t sure if I was going to fully commit to it and achieve my goals. But I pushed myself, got signed up and it has been fantastic for me. I have lost more weight than I ever thought I would and got my confidence back. The training has been very good right from the start. Ryan makes it intense and hard work but as a group we have a lot of laughs to break it up. I would recommend this BOSS-Fit group coaching to anyone I know.

Ryan has been great also helping us along the way with training , diet issues any other problems along the way or extra workout plans if you miss a session or want too do extra work . With the results I have achieved and the rest of the group it has been worth every penny . I feel fantastic!!”

Dave’s testimonial:

The reason I signed up to Boss-Fit was because I was fed up of how I looked, to lose weight and get a basic knowledge of fitness and nutrition. I was stuck in a daily cycle of eating at random times and whatever food I wanted with sporadic exercise being done.

I’ve been doing this for almost two years now, and have enjoyed doing it within a group more than I would on my own due to the fact that I have been training with likeminded people who were in the same situation as myself. Training as part of a group helps me regularly attend the sessions as we help each other during the sessions and not being there feels like you’re letting others down.

My results came straight away and in total lost 8kg in the first 6 months. Ryan’s level of coaching during the sessions was made simple but effective and it works hand in hand with the nutrition support. Ryan makes you feel at ease within the session and suits every session to your capabilities whilst getting the most out of you.”

IMPORTANT: One big thing I want you to understand very quickly though is that this isn’t a bootcamp. It’s something far more personalised.

This is why I strictly limit it to 6 men per group which still alloys me to coach/train everyone on a personal and individual level.

So I can guarantee you that you won’t get lost like you would inside a big bootcamp because I will be personally helping you through every session and even away from the group sessions.

To apply for a 7 day experience which includes a free training session, just click below and then I’ll be in contact.