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Elev8 Programme


  • Elev8 isn’t just an 8-week fat-loss programme. It’s something far more!
  • Utilise tried and tested methods that I’ve used with 1-2-1 clients who are now leading a healthier and happier life.
  • Join a community of like-minded people who will support you and hold you accountable.
  • I’ll provide personalised training and nutrition plans that will be updated weekly to ensure you keep progressing.
  • Private Q&A’s and weekly check-ins to celebrate your wins or to highlight your obstacles.



Week 9 we’ll book in a personal 45-minute zoom or Facetime call to discuss your 8-week journey and how to continue progressing because the last thing I’d want is for you to leave after 8 weeks and resort back to your old ways and undo all your hard work.


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These are the kind of results you could be seeing in 8 weeks.

I have just completed Ryan’s online program.

I have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it. From learning about ways to train, different techniques in lifting and learning about nutrition to feed your body without missing out.
I am pleased with my results.
My body shape has changed and I definitely have more muscle definition.

No food group was restricted like fad diets. I still had chocolate, had meals out and alcohol.

Ryan is a great coach throughout. He has a very high level of knowledge and cares about his clients.
You don’t just sign up, get a program and that’s the end of it.
Ryan is constantly there if you need support. With weekly check-ins and positive vibes or even if you have a silly question about your program. I was never made to feel I couldn’t ask anything.

If you need to get focused, gain some knowledge or even find a path into a fitter lifestyle, Ryan is your man! – Emma


I’ve been with Ryan for about 10 months now. I had been training on my own and doing my own sessions and food for about a year. I hit a brick wall and knew Ryan from previously playing football with him so decided to seek some expert advice. Since day one he has been nothing short of fantastic. My only regret is I didn’t join earlier. What I like about his methods is that it all isn’t focused on training and what I do in the gym. He likes to help you get the balance right both inside and outside the gym. I would highly recommend Ryan to anyone. Even if you’re an experienced gym-goer but need a bit of help or advice. Get in touch with him. You won’t regret it! – Michael