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I turned my telly on this morning to see that Jonah Lomu had sadly passed away!


He was only 40 years old!!!

What an icon he was an what an athlete!

There is a pic going round on Facebook from his school athletic days,

He had the record for pretty much everything, except 800m and 1500m.

I think he got pipped to the egg and spoon race also ;)


Jonah had a very rare kidney disease and passed away due to a heart attack,

But it has to make you think ……..

A man of his fitness levels, still losing his life at the age of 40!

It should rise the question:

“Are you looking after yourself in regard to longevity?”

So often people leave it too late!

They don’t quit smoking until they get lung cancer!

They start to exercises when the risk of a heart attack increases.

Or they only start to eat healthier after their doctors makes them aware of an early death due to severe obesity.

Harsh words for you there, but its true!

Anyway, lets end on a more positive note!

If YOU, plain straight up,

Want to improve your health,

Lose weight,

Live longer (hopefully),

and reduce the risk of life threatening diseases!

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Ryan aka The Pornstar

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